What do these programs look like?

For many who have never been inside a Montessori classroom, the concepts of independent and self-lead learning, as well as groupings of 3 age groups, can be a little baffling.  Many picture the classrooms as chaotic, since guides rarely intervene and the students are allowed to take charge of their own learning processes.  However, as you peek into a day in the life of a Montessori classroom, you will see that they are the exact opposite of chaotic: Montessori classrooms are calm and quiet learning spaces, where students interact with each other in respectful ways and build communities and relationships much like we do as adults in our workplaces and homes.  

The below compilation of YouTube videos from The American Montessori Society and other Montessori schools can, however, provide you with the experience of listening and viewing what goes on in their classrooms.