Our Mission

MDAH’s mission is to use the Montessori Method of learning to foster, at the earliest of ages, unequivocal enthusiasm and desire for learning thus providing children with the knowledge and abilities to be independent, responsible, and respectful of self, others, and the environment and community around them.

Who We Are

MDAH is a private, independent education institution that practices the Montessori Method of learning.  This carefully developed curriculum is structured based on the different developmental stages of the child; multi-age classrooms help children learn to value curiosity and discovery, as well as develop independence and critical thinking skills through respect, interaction, and cooperation with others.  Classrooms boast a low student to teacher ratio, in which teachers are learning guides who foster non-competitive, creative learning environments where students can work and explore at their own paces.  MDAH serves children from ages six weeks to six years; at all ages and all times of the day, they will be engaged in the pursuit of knowledge based on the philosophies of the Montessori Method.


MDAH is an Associate Member of the American Montessori Society.  The American Montessori Society (AMS) is "a vital professional organization dedicated to supporting quality Montessori education."  Included among their members are approximately 1,200 schools.  To be an Associate Member of AMS:

The lead teacher in some, but not all, of the school’s classrooms must hold credentials from a teacher education program affiliated with AMS, AMI, NCME, or accredited by MACTE, and be teaching at the level for which they were trained.

Part of the membership criteria is to also uphold the AMS Code of Ethics.  More information on AMS membership and the high standards MDAH is set to uphold, please visit their website.