Making MDAH

Ever wondered how a Montessori environment takes shape?  Follow us, as we turn a traditional school setting into a Montessori space!  We will give tips and details as we go along, as well as suggestions on how you can integrate Montessori into your own home space!

Let the renovations begin!

These are the classrooms as they exist at St. Barts.  Great spaces for learning!  The rooms are open and inviting, which means there is plenty of space for full body learning.  Also, with large windows that let in a lot of natural light, the rooms allow students to feel a connection to the outside environment even when indoors.  So, here are our spaces:

  1. Rainbow Room - this is the future Early Childhood room
  2. Blue Room - this is the future Infants room
  3. Hallway - this is the education wing's main walk space
  4. Noah's Ark Room - this is the future Toddler room
  5. Crib room - this is going to be part of the Infants room when we knock out the wall
  6. Bathroom - this bathroom is shared between toddlers and early childhood students
  7. Courtyard - this is the future outdoor classroom


The transformation has been amazing and, as you can see, perfect for little hands. We are so proud of our staff and the work they have put into making each classroom a place of peace that little ones can explore and grow.