Infants and Transition

This program works with students ages 6 weeks - 12 months or when developmentally ready.

Basic Information

Early Drop Off: 7:30am-8:00am *earlier drop off can be worked out at an additional cost

Regular School Day: 8:00am-2:30pm

Extended School Day: 2:30pm-5:30pm *later pick up can be worked out at an additional cost


Class ratio is up to 1:4 for children under 6 months (infants) or 1:5 for children 6 months to walking (transition); up to one guide per four students or one guide per five.


The Infant room is unique in that it facilitates the acquisition of basic skills and knowledge.  The infant learning environment focuses on fostering the natural growth of mental and physical abilities, as well as developing little personalities through exploration and freedom.  The environment is fitted to the physical needs of students; furnishings and equipment are sized accordingly, as is the work.  Mentally, work is geared towards motor development and all work encourages students to explore their environment and to develop physical, social, intellectual, and academic skills.  Through the use of age-appropriate work, students learn self-reliance, independence, and begin the workings of positive self-esteem. As our students become independently mobile, they move to the secondary part of the classroom to prepare for transition to the Toddler Room.

In an environment that is centered on love and respect, students learn how to care for themselves and others, forming the basic understanding of and skills to perform and be a part of a community.  As part of this community, students learn how to express themselves verbally and through body language, and guides work closely with all students to develop and use effective communication skills.

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